Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line

Ocean Machinery is the USA market leader in CNC steel fabricating machines designed specifically for the small to medium structural steel fabricator. 

In the past 3 years alone Ocean Machinery has installed well over 200 CNC machines including beam lines, angle lines, plate burning machines, as well as beam and pipe coping machines.

Ocean Machinery supplies structural Steel fabricating Machinery throughout the USA and several countries worldwide.

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Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line

Ocean Machinery, together with its US manufacturing partner Peddinghaus, has created a superb new CNC angle line that breaks all the rules.

The Ocean CLIPPER was specifically created for fabricators desiring a competitive advantage through automation by elimination of manual layout and manual punching of clip angles.

The Ocean CLIPPER consists of a hydraulic punch for one leg of the angle and a hydraulic drill (on center with the punch) for the other leg of the angle. This allows for punching and drilling holes on both legs directly opposite each other, without the need for repositioning, which cannot be done on any other CNC angle line. This in turn creates an exceptionally compact machine requiring very little floor space

The maximum angle size is 6x6x5/8"

With the Ocean Clipper, Peddinghaus and Ocean Machinery have succeeded in creating a powerful yet compact clip angle processing machine that eliminates another costly labor area in steel fabricating.

The Ocean Clipper is the smallest form factor CNC angle line on the market today, and this is great news for fabricators who are always looking for more space in their fabricating facility.

The Ocean Clipper is one of the fastest angle lines on the market and it also it produces the smallest drop. This together with its exceptionally affordable price makes it the most cost effective clip angle solution for the small to medium fabricator

For a real insight into the advantages of the Ocean Clipper, visit the Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line Overview page

And to get an idea of how fast the Clipper produces clip angles visit our Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line Video page

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